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niisan.dk - it's about anime アニメ

2009-02-10 (opdated 2009-02-22)
This site brings J Nyd's opinions on different selected anime. No forum so contact: megumi dot go at niisan.dk


Hvis du har tastet forkert og skulle se på biler: nissan.dk

Anime & Nissan
By the way — Nissan has be involved in anime to make concept cars and design af cars in production has been inspired by anime. For instance Ghost in the Shell series and Gundam.

Who is J Nyd?
Male, born 1963, Danish, karma kagyu buddhist, blood type: 0,


MA in public administration, poet, geek, low income citizenöreigi

Why call it niisan.dk?
Niisan or oniisan means big brother in polite mode in Japanese. And some times it is refering to 'young man'. Oniisan is too formal for me. I am big brother to Fin Nygaard - and very old!

Megumi Go is my japanese art name. It should correspond to my art name J Nyd. Megumi is a female name. Maybe there is a labyboy hidden in me - わたし変態です- Óhræsisstrákur!
En hvað hefur Sigur Rós með anime að gera? (the link above)
To get the best out of the best anime you have to have an open mind - same thing with Sigur Rós.

Why the mix of languages?
Because that's my way of thinking, and as an experiment.